Census Bureau Affirms Portlands Recent Population Influx

Dated: December 5 2014

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We all know Portland's growing.

But what's evident today, after U.S. Census Bureau stats on U.S. cities' populations hit the streets, is just how pronounced that growth was during the last 13 years.

Portland is the nation's 10th fastest-growing large city, according to the Census Bureau. Its 12.39 percent growth rate, between 2000 and 2013, ranked just behind Columbus, Ohio (12.53 percent) and ahead of Denver (11.66 percent).
The fastest-growing large city? Fort Worth Texas, where the population grew at a 42 percent-plus clip, from 534,694 in 2000 to 761,092. In Charlotte, N.C., the population exploded as well, climbing from 540,828 in 2000 to 757,278, a 40.02 percent jump.

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