Court Of Appeals To Hear Arguments In The Wizer Block Case

Dated: June 5 2015

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Downtown Lake Oswego Project

Even as Portland developer Patrick Kessi selected a general contractor for the Wizer Block mixed-use project — Lease Crutcher Lewis — and set a September start date for demolition, opponents of the downtown Lake Oswego project continued their opposition.

The opponents filed an appeal with the Oregon Court of Appeals last week. Greg Hathaway, an attorney with Hathaway Koback Connors LLP, is one of the attorneys who filed the opening brief with the court on behalf of Save Our Village and the Evergreen Neighborhood Association.

The complex appeal challenges that the City Council incorrectly approved the 290,000-square-foot, $93 million development based on an inconsistent interpretation of city plans and policies. It also challenges the state Land Use Board of Appeals' take on the case, which essentially agreed with the city council's decision to let the project move forward.

The city and Kessi’s attorneys have 21 days to respond to the brief, which puts the deadline at June 17. After that, the Oregon Court of Appeals will likely hear oral arguments within 49 days.

The proposed development, if it gets the final go-ahead, will add three buildings to downtown Lake Oswego. It will include 207 residential units and about 36,000 square feet of retail space.

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