Easy Meals To Make When You Are In The Middle Of A Move

Dated: April 13 2018

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Moving is typically a time of stress and insanity, so who has time to cook? I mean, your pans are packed, your cookbooks are who knows where, and none of your kitchen staples have been restocked. But before you blow your entire budget on takeout for the next two weeks while you transition, consider some of these quick, simple, easily stored meals so you can keep up your energy as a healthier, cost friendly option.

Quick tips: It’s worth it to unpack a few essential kitchen items. Key items to have easy access to are knives, forks, plates, cups (just enough for however many people are in your family), dish soap, and hotpads . Crockpots, if you have one or are thinking of getting one, can be a lifesaver during this time. Also good to keep out are a few simple condiment items: salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard.

Crockpot… everything

If nothing else, cooking a few crockpot dinners to throw in the fridge/freezer for quick meals can be your holy grail for surviving moving. Throw in a few chicken breasts, dump in a bottle of bbq sauce, buy some buns, and a few hours later you have pulled chicken sandwiches that are easy to grab and eat amongst your pile of boxes. (Bonus points if you have the disposable crockpot liners you can toss out for a SUPER easy cleanup.)

Hard boiled eggs

If you have a small window of time, throw a carton of eggs into some boiling water and make a batch of boiled eggs. They keep for a full week in the fridge and are perfect to grab for a quick snack or breakfast when you need a protein boost.


Ideal make-and-go meal option. Stuff anything you have on hand into a tortilla and you’re all set! No cooking required, minimal mess, portable, and incredibly versatile. You can make scrambled egg wraps for breakfast, p,b,j wraps for the kids, hummus and veggie wraps for a little healthier kick, and the list goes on.


The best things about casseroles is that they can be made ahead of time. Before your life gets turned upside down with moving, stick one or two in the freezer so when you need a quick meal all you have to do is throw it in the oven. (Tip: If you want to try this but want to be able to pack your casserole dishes when the time comes, make your casserole in a disposable tray. Allows you to pack your kitchen up and there’s no dish to wash in the middle of packing.)

Baked Potatoes

Bake potatoes can require as many or as few dishes as you like. If everything is packed, they and still be popped into the oven no problem. If everyone in your family is eating on their own schedule, you can set out toppings (cheese, butter, sour cream, etc.) and they can get to them when they have time.


Let’s be honest, when you’re moving sometimes even the easiest meals sound like too much. Plan for you to reach this point and have a few (healthy) snacks on hand for when stopping for a ‘real meal’ isn’t feasible. Cheese and crackers, hummus and veggie sticks, power bars, and fruit are all easily stored and an acceptable meal replacement here and there.

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