How To Make The Most Of A Snow Day

Dated: February 20 2018

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This week you may have noticed the white stuff falling from the sky. While not overly common in the Portland area, snow does happen once or twice a year. When schools get canceled and you can’t make it into work, make sure to take advantage of being stuck at home!

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If you’re getting ready to sell:

Pack, pack, pack! Packing is a time consuming, soul sucking process that can be hectic at the last minute. Spend your time stuck at home starting the process and dedicating a spot in your house to start the pile of boxes. Getting a head start on this can feel like a lifesaver when it comes to crunch time. Same applies to getting paperwork organized. Check with your real estate agent and lender to see what papers need to be collected and make sure the rest of your important documents are organized so they are easy to keep track of during the move.

If you just moved into a new home:

We probably don’t need to tell you about the long list of projects that need done: painting, hanging curtains, installing light fixtures, putting up family pictures, etc. Being stuck the one place that needs the most work might even seem like a blessing! Pull out that ‘To Do’ list and see what tools you already have to work with. Even if you can’t make it to the hardware store to pick up more supplies, there’s no doubt plenty you can still do. And the more you get done on the snow day means to less you have to do every night after work.  How great does that sound?

If you have kids:

No matter where you are at with the home buying/ selling process, having kids bouncing off the walls on a snow day can be incredibly distracting. It’s also a great opportunity. Being stuck inside is an excellent time bring out all the toys, games, clothes, and old school papers and dump them onto the living room floor. Make up games for sorting the items into piles of ‘Give Away’, ‘Throw Away’, ‘Pack Away’, and ‘Keep Out’. Not only can this be a productive activity for everyone, but it’s a fantastic way to giving your kids control over which memories get saved and which don’t- especially if they aren’t happy about going to a new house.

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