How To Use Halloween To Settle Into Your New Family Home

Dated: October 4 2017

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If you moved right at the end of summer, you are probably just now starting to catch your breath. Between inspections, closing costs, moving boxes, address changes, and school starting, how does one even begin to have time to actually enjoy their new home? But now it’s October– the kids are settled into their school routine, you’ve found the quickest route to work, and last week you got the last of the china put away. Now is the time to breathe in that crisp, fall air and finally start to make that new house home. Since it’s October, here are a few ways to use the season to your advantage.

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Buy a few new decorations and set the mood

I know, I know, the last thing you want to do is drag out the fall decorations you JUST put away, but do it anyways. Even if decorating isn’t a big deal in your family, it’s worth that time and energy to decorate for the first major holiday in your new home. Have the kids help pick out a couple new decorations to add to the collection so they can feel included in decorating their new home. Bonus points if you get to meet your new neighbors while decorating your front lawn.

Head to the local pumpkin patch

A simple way to explore your new neighborhood a little more is to navigate somewhere completely new.  Check online for a pumpkin patch that has activities or rides so you can make a full family adventure out of it. A pumpkin patch is also a fantastic opportunity to get outside and be active, which be help relieve all that stress you accumulated from moving.

Break in your kitchen

As hectic as your life has been, fun baking projects have likely been hanging out at the bottom of the priority list. Use the season change as an excuse to spend a Sunday afternoon breaking in your new kitchen. Whether it’s simply apple cider on the stove, pumpkin shaped rice crispy treats for the kids’ lunches, or full on apple pie, get the family involved and make it fun. With all the creative Halloween ideas circulating on the internet, you are sure to find a recipe for any cooking level or time restraint.

Check out the event calendars

Taking a peek at the community or school event calendars is guaranteed to provide a few  opportunities to get involved. Many schools have some variation of a harvest festival/carnival this time of year. Such events provide a relaxed way to meet a few of the parents and teachers from you kids’ school.

Make the most out of Halloween night

You’ve already decorated the front yard, so come Halloween night grab a couple chairs and just hang out on the front porch. You’ll be amazed at what can happen when you force yourself to simply sit outside for an evening and unwind. In this case, you get the added benefit of getting to visit with the kids and parents who come tricker-treating. By taking a night to sit quietly and enjoy your new house and neighborhood, you are one step closer to truly feeling at home.

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