Lake Oswego Project Foes Take Fight To Oregon Supreme Court

Dated: September 10 2015

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The construction fencing is up, all the tenants are gone and workers have already begun removing hazardous materials from inside the former retail outlet on the Wizer Block in downtown Lake Oswego, all in preparation for a new mixed-use development expected to break ground later this year.

But the protracted fight against Patrick Kessi's 290,000-square-foot, three-building development isn't quite done yet.

Construction fencing has gone up around the building on the Wizer Block in downtown Lake Oswego to prepare for Patrick Kessi's 290,000-square-foot mixed-use development. Opponents, however, have taken their appeal of the project all the way to the Oregon Supreme Court.Enlarge

Construction fencing has gone up around the building on the Wizer Block in downtown Lake… more

According to the Lake Oswego Review, opponents of the development, who have already taken their case before the state Land Use Board of Appeals and the Oregon Court of Appeals, will now petition the state's highest court in an attempt to halt the project. Attorney Greg Hathaway, an attorney with Hathaway Koback Connors LLP, planned to file a petition with the Oregon Supreme Court on behalf of Save Our Village, a local group that has been opposed to Kessi's development from the start.

The Review noted that opponents don't believe LUBA's decision in favor of Kessi's project addressed how it is consistent with the city's policy that new development be "complementary and compatible" with other nearby developments. Opponents have long argued that the project, which will add more than 200 residential units to downtown, is out of scale for the area.

Though Save Our Village continues its opposition, the Review reported that the Evergreen Neighborhood Association, which has been on board in the battle up until now, voted in a straw poll last week not to proceed with the case any further.

Kessi and the city of Lake Oswego will now have 14 days to file a response to the petition.


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