Michael Graves Architect Of Multicolored And Manylayered Portland Building Dies

Dated: March 13 2015

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An architect who clearly make his mark on Portland's skyline has died.

Michael Graves designed the Portland building, the oddly layered and multi-hued structure that houses Portland's administrative departments, was 80. The purveyor of postmodern design died at his home in Princeton, New Jersey.

Graves visited Portland last October and,according to the Portland Tribune's Joseph Gallivan, defended the Portland Building's look. He said estimates that it would cost $90 million to update the structure were "bulls--t."

Former Business Journal reporter Kristina Brenneman, in a 2000 article on what made Portland unique at the time, noted that the building has its fans despite its appearance, which she called "a candy-boxed shape structure."

Our sister paper in Minneapolis also noted Graves' passing. Graves was known for lending a look to a line of Target household goods.


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