NW Natural Ready To Wreck Gas And Coke Building

Dated: September 14 2015

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NW Natural is reportedly ready to demolish a building that had captured the imagination of architecture fans and preservationists.

As Portland Architecture reveals, the utility is preparing to level the Gas and Coke Building in Northwest Portland.

A side view of the Gas and Coke Building, the demolition of which could take between six and eight weeks.Enlarge

A side view of the Gas and Coke Building, the demolition of which could take between six… more

The work is expected to take six to eight weeks.

A group had attempted to raise the money, at least $1.5 million, needed to clean up and restore the structure, a NW Natural spokeswoman told Portland Architecture's Brian Libby. It came up well short.

On top of that, the site would have required work to clean up the contaminated ground underneath it.

Not only had the building served as a curio for those traveling along the Willamette River's west bank, it provided part of the cover for the popular Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis book "Under Wildwood," part of a series the duo wrote on Forest Park.

NW Natural donated the clock that had sat on top of the tower to Oregon State University, which resited on top of its Corvallis campus's Benton Hall.


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