Oregon Supreme Court Kills Last Challenge To Lake Oswegos Big Wizer Block Project

Dated: November 13 2015

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In just 14 words, the Oregon Supreme Court put the final nail in the coffin for opponents of the Wizer Block project in downtown Lake Oswego today.

"The court has considered the petition for review and orders that it be denied."

Portland developer Patrick Kessi's project for downtown Lake Oswego got the green light from the Oregon Supreme Court today, which put an end to legal opposition to the development.Enlarge

Portland developer Patrick Kessi's project for downtown Lake Oswego got the green light…more

That denial puts an end to more than a year's worth of legal opposition to the $103 million, 290,000-square-foot project, which will add more than 200 residential units in the suburb's downtown core. Opponents, including the organized groups LO 138 LLC, Save Our Village and the Evergreen Neighborhood Association, had fought developer Patrick Kessi's plans from the get-go, largely on the grounds that the development was out of scale and style compared to the rest of downtown.

They took their fight from the city's Design Review Commission, which opposed the project, to Lake Oswego City Council, which overturned the DRC's rejection. From there, the appeal went before the State Land Use Board of Appeals, the Oregon Court of Appeals and, finally, the Oregon Supreme Court.

The high court offered no further explanation for its determination.

"With this Supreme Court decision behind us, we will continue to build a project of which Lake Oswego will be proud," Kessi said in a statement. "We look forward to sharing the future benefits of Block 137 with all Oswegans."

However, Greg Hathaway, an attorney with Hathaway Koback Connors LLP who represented the opposition groups, said he was not happy with the court's notice.

"We’re very disappointed since we presented very strong arguments to the Supreme Court why they should take review to preserve the village character of downtown Lake Oswego," he said. "I am proud of my clients and the citizens and organizations in Lake Oswego for their efforts in defending the Development Review Commission’s denial of the project and trying to maintain the village character of downtown Lake Oswego."

Demolition work of the former Wizer's grocery store and other retail structures began in earnest late last month and is nearing completion. If the project stays on track from here, the construction should take approximately 22 months, arriving at an estimated completion date of July 2017.


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