Oregonians Among Most Likely To Want To Stay In Their State Gallup Poll Finds

Dated: May 6 2014

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Given the hypothetical chance to move to another state, Oregonians say they'd rather just stay put, thanks.

The polling firm Gallup asked residents of every state whether they would rather move or remain in their current state. It found 76 percent of Oregonians would remain, more than any other state except for Maine.

The Pine Tree State — that's Maine, apparently — tied with Oregon in the share of residents who want to stay put. But the home of the other Portland may be the most desirable state based on a technicality.
In Oregon, 24 percent of surveyed residents said they would like to move elsewhere. Only 23 percent of Mainers want to leave their state, while 1 percent said they have no opinion. Read More Here...
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