Portland Airports Plans For The Future Include At Least 250 Million In Upgrades

Dated: October 28 2015

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There is the famous carpet, of course, and the famers' market; the local brewpubs and restaurants, the Mount Hood views and, don't forget, the food carts — all singular features that make Portland International Airport unique among its counterparts across the country.

But PDX is much more than just local Portland flavor. In our cover story this week on the airport's plans for the future, PDX and the Port of Portland shared details on at least $250 million worth of projects and upgrades that are designed to take the airport into its next chapter, 75 years after it first started service.

Those projects include $13 million worth of new carpet, $57 million in security upgrades and a $98 million terminal balancing project aimed at improving passenger traffic — which is on a record pace this year — throughout the airport.

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