Portland Signs Off On 3 Million Dollar Energy Efficient Retrofit Program

Dated: September 11 2015

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The city and county have passed a program aimed at helping Portland-area building owners boost their energy efficiency performance.

The Portland Development Commission has approved a new program that will allow PDC to provide loans to building owners hoping to make energy-efficient retrofits. Multnomah County approved its participation in the $3 million Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy program last week.

The program will help back energy-efficient retrofits in South Waterfront and other Portland urban renewal areas.Enlarge

The program will help back energy-efficient retrofits in South Waterfront and other… more

PDC will serve as the two-year pilot program's administrator, which is backed by tax-increment financing.

The offering will back as many as 10 projects in the Downtown Waterfront, Gateway Regional Center, Interstate Corridor, Lents Town Center, North Macadam and River District urban renewal areas. PDC and the county will push for minority- and women-owned businesses to receive the retrofit work.

PDC's board approved the program yesterday.

“With CPACE loans, we hope to remove a financial barrier to investment in energy efficiency while we also take steps to create wealth creation opportunities for construction firms owned by people from underrepresented populations," said PDC Executive Director Patrick Quinton, in a release.


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