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Dated: June 19 2015

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It's Friday. Which means it's time for our weekly food roundup Eat It Up. Without further ado, let's eat this thing up.

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Setting the bar name high. 

A couple of weeks ago, and buoyed by a Thrillist piece that chose the nation's best bar names, we asked readers what your favorite watering hole monikers are in the Portland area.

Olive or Twist, a Pearl District martini purveyor, came out on top. That's not a bad name whatsoever. Indeed, a lot of people think so: There are Olive or Twists in Pittsburgh, Asheville, North Carolina, Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Berwyn, Illinois, to name a few spots.

Oh well, great minds and all that. The important thing is, I think I'm getting a martini tonight.

The runner-up: Dig a Pony, proving there are some "Let It Be" fans out there(of the Beatles variety, not The Placemats, necessarily). Veritable Quandary was third, followed by, alphabetically, Church, Crow Bar, The High Dive and The Liquor Store.

The Thrillist choice, Bar of the Gods, received no nods whatsoever.

I'll give you a ring sometime. 

Hard to believe National Onion Ring Day is almost here already. "Whaaaa?" you say? Yup. It's June 22, and RingSide Fish House giving out the goods, a free order per every table, to celebrate.

When it comes to rings, RingSide — hey, I just put that together: RingSide for Ring Day ... clever — goes through 50 pounds-plus of onions a day for the appetizer. (The RingSide family, of course, fared well in our recent Favorite Restaurants coverage.)

And, come on, is there a better bar or pub food than an order of good onion rings? Seriously.

In the fold. 

Here are some cool tips on making your own tortellini, courtesy of Bluehour's star Executive Chef Kyo Koo ( Bluehour also proved to be one of our readers' fave spots).

For starters: Make sure that your filling is cold. Use a pastry brush to lightly line the edges with water (this keeps your hands dry so you can fold it more easily. And, of course, have your binding agent/filling ready to go.

Check out the video below for a hyperlapse look at how they do it in the Bluehour kitchen.

Food fight. 

I can't get enough of the day-old debate regarding the Oregonian's Restaurant of the Year. The daily's food team gave the honor to Renata, which features a very well-pedigreed team, an outstanding-sounding Italian joint inwhat's-suddenly Portland's hottest food neighborhood.

What it doesn't have, as pointed out by Willamette Week's Martin Cizmar, is longevity. It's only been open between two-plus weeks (according to Cizmar) and about six weeks (according to Oregonian food critic Michael Russell).

The debate, thus, centers on whether a restaurant that's had little time to hone its culinary systems — not to mention its service — deserves what's undeniably a prestigious honor. Why's the honor prestigious? Because the O is the city's largest news outlet, and Portland is a food city. The O's takes on culinary matters, well, matter.

The take around our newsroom is that Renata is probably sensational. Not that we'll find out anytime soon: It's now likely to be packed to the gills with food fans, tourists and whatever critics haven't had the chance to get an early taste. None of us will get the chance to find out for ourselves for, in all likelihood, many months.

In that time, flaws may or may not emerge. Which is kind of why many argue it makes sense to accord "restaurant of the year" honors to an eatery that's been open closer to a "year" as opposed to, say, a month and a half.


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