Riverside Development Aims To Be A Gateway To The Pearl

Dated: October 29 2014

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No doubt about it: Centennial Mills could be a huge development project for Portland, one that could revitalize a long-dilapidated and off-limits waterfront property and connect it to the posh Pearl District while at the same time preserving some of the Rose City's iconic past.

There is also no doubt that the 12-building Centennial Mills complex is in sad shape. During a tour this week in anticipation of Harsch Development Properties' Oct. 29 presentation before the Portland Development Commission on a $115 million development proposal, the Business Journal got a glimpse of the condition that Centennial Mills is in.
Built in stages between 1910 and 1940, the 12-structure complex is part ghost town, littered with abandoned flour mill equipment and such funky innovations as a "manlift" that once transported workers between floors. It's also part danger zone, where dead rodents and birds decay while the roof caves in and mossy patches grow like lawns.
And yet, Centennial Mills is also a place where the Willamette River flows quietly by, where a pedestrian bridge to the Pearl District just across the way seems entirely logical and where one might feel regret for the outright demolition of such a unique chapter of Portland's history.

Harsch makes its presentation to the PDC tomorrow at 4:30, kicking off the next round of potential for this one-of-a-kind Portland property. Check out our exclusive gallery for a look at what's at stake.
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